Surge at Moss Arts Center

Video Photo Info
Surge responds in real time to different data streams, including the Moss Arts Center internet traffic and energy consumption and local weather conditions. The generative animations visible on the four screens behave like one continuous ribbon that repeatedly emerges and disappears along the wall.

The video content is an abstract array of multicolored particles that run along the screens. Rather tan being a looping video, an algorithm is creating a generative animation that is reacting in real time to different data streams.
Surge’s flexible LED screens allow the artist to shape the artwork to directly respond to the architecture of the Grand Lobby Wall. The work has been designed to invite viewers to contemplate it from multiple angles, including views through the Windows from the exterior of the building. An important aspect of the artwork is its glowing nature and how it illuminates the surrounding space. As the animations run along the screens, they cast swaths of color on the walls, creating a hypnotic and ever-changing luminous experience.
Flexible LED screen, computer, generative custom software, real-time data, metal structure
Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech, 
Blacksburg, VA 
13’ x 39’ x 19’