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Daniel Canogar's Rise is an artwork that symbolically releases our fantasies of overcoming imposed obstacles in our lives. The generative animation was recorded in a staged interaction which took place in New York’s Times Square during four days in July 2014. Over 1200 participants of multiple nationalities, ages and professional backgrounds crawled over a green-screen surface, contributing their performance to the final artwork.

Because Rise uses a generative algorithm, the hundreds of clips recorded in Times Square combine in an ever-changing video. The incessant progression of climbing bodies metaphorically evokes past revolutionary upheavals such as the Storming of the Bastille or the Winter Palace.

 footage was originally created for Storming Times Square, an artwork commissioned by the Times Square Public Arts program that Canogar screened on 47 LED billboards every night of September 2014.

                Medium: 65-inch screen, computer, generative video animation.
                Dimensions: 167.6 x 96 x 5.8 cm/ 66" x 37.8 "x 2.3" 

Photo and video credit: Sofía Montenegro