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Internet has created an unrelenting flow of information. Previous news consumption rituals – including purchasing the daily paper or the concentrated viewing of television’s nightly news – have been disrupted by a perpetual flow of information that leaves us in a constant state of update anticipation. Despite this anxiety-provoking state, we can’t stop gawking at our screens that feed us news that ranges from the numbingly banal to the profoundly traumatic. 

Ripple attempts to capture the constant stream of information of our digital world via a generative artwork. The palette used to create it's abstract video animation are CNN videos. Each time this ubiquitous media outlet uploads a video to it's webpage – approximately one every 10 minutes - it appears in the artwork, dropping from the top of the screen and leaving behind an undulating wake that covers up earlier news items. The result is an artwork shaped by global news that is constantly mutating and never repeats itself. 

The abstraction created with the videos looks like a textile, an effect that explores the relationship between the electronic image and textiles that so fascinates the artist. Ripple uses abstraction to capture the social fabric created by the incessant flow of electronic news. 

4K screen, generative custom software, computer.
Dimensions as shown in the photo (75" screen): 167.6 x 96 x 5.8 cm / 66" x 37,7" x 2,2".