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The work Ooze shows a generative animation created with the logos of the more than one hundred companies that make up the Nasdaq index fund. The vertical movement of the animation faithfully reflects the ascending or descending market value of the companies, updated every ten seconds. 

Ooze’s color palette is created with the logos of the companies that are part of the index fund. These logos appear liquefied, dissolving their bold designs into a hodgepodge of bright colors, which can momentarily be identified with the "data reveal" button. Being a generative work that never repeats, Ooze tries to capture the incessant flow of financial information that affects us in more ways than we can imagine.
4K screen, generative custom software, computer.
Dimensions as shown in the picture (75" screen):106 x 181 cm / 41,7" x 71,2".

Photo and video credits: Sofía Montenegro