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Crossroad is an LED sculptural installation permanently installed in the lobby of Borusan Contemporary Museum in Istanbul. It’s looping shape invites viewers to explore the artwork from different angles. The artist also took advantage of the reflective surfaces around the installation to visually extend the experience of the piece.

The video content investigates the gesture of crawling as a primordial movement we all experience as infants, a significant phase in human development as it is the first time we are able to feel a sense of being autonomous and explore our immediate environment. To “reach a crossroad” signifies a change in our trajectory, yet the installation paradoxically presents itself as a loop, an endless pathway from which the only escape is to go “off screen”. How we get trapped in our loops, and how difficult it is for us to advance in life, is one of the themes present in Crossroad.

The artwork uses LED tiles specially fabricated for this project that can be bent and torqued, a flexibility that allows the artist to create screens with complex curving shapes.

                Medium: Permanent sculptural LED video installation. Flexible LED Screen, metal
                estructure, computer controlled system, computer, USB, 11:42 min. video
                projection loop.
                Dimensions: 180 x 180 X 180 cm/ 3,5 ft3. 
                Location: Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istambul, Turkey.