Cannula Salamanca

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A projection on the emblematic façade of the University of Salamanca which animation riffs off painterly abstract expressionism. The palette of this artwork is not painting, but rather YouTube videos. A keyboard placed in front of the building allows audience members to enter queries into this ubiquitous website. These searches are the source images for the liquid forms visible in the projection. Each participant adds a Youtube video to the pool of previous searches projected onto the façade of the building. Certain details remain recognizable – a face, a hand, an automobile – in the constantly mutating amorphous shapes being generated by the artwork. Depending on the subject matter of the queries, the color scheme and rhythm of the abstraction varies.

Cannula attempts to represent this cognitive overwhelm by turning Youtube videos into abstract shapes. It evokes the fragmented visual mosaic that our brains contain after years of being exposed to this new window-onto-the-world we call Internet.

Public-participation video projection
Location: Façade of the University of Salamanca, Spain. Luz y Vanguardias Festival 2016

Programming: Diego Mellado