Asalto Toronto

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A video installation using methods of public intervention, this project symbolically releases fantasies of overcoming imposed obstacles in life, while engaging individuals as both participants and spectators. People of different ages and genders are projected so that they appear to be climbing the building under imagined narrations or circumstances.
Torontonians had the opportunity to participate in the project in advance of the event on September 24 from noon to 8 pm at Union Station West Wing, 97 Front Street. 

Provided with an imaginary situation, they crawled over a green-screen surface which was being captured by the artist's overhead video camera. A staged interaction took place between a "stormed" site and the collected imagery of a virtual public. 
The result was a dynamic video animation with both realistic and abstract forms. Asalto is born from a desire to have viewers project themselves, literally and metaphorically, onto their immediate environments.

Projector, media player, loop video.
Union Station, Toronto, Canada.