Asalto New York

Video Photo Info
Asalto NY is a temporary public video installation projected on an abandoned factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

Occurring in two sequential phases, Asalto engages the public as both spectator and participant. A green screen is set up next to the factory, paralell to the ground. While being filmed from above, participants are invited to crawl across the horizontal green screen as if they were climbing up a wall. This filmed action is subsequently projected onto the factory facade. As the night progresses, the recordings accumulate and the number of individuals appearing in the projection increases. Eventually the industrial structure is concealed with the projection of active human forms. This artistic intervention plays with collective imagery, inviting the participants to virtually “storm” the factory, releasing our fantasies of overcoming the imposed obstacles in our lives. In this installation the artist, Daniel Canogar, engages a wide audience to critically rethink the possibilities of art. The interjection of the human form onto a abandoned industrial structure speaks to the adaptation and re-use of such spaces in the contemporary city.

                Medium: Public video installation.
                Dimensions: 30,50 x 30,50m/ 100' x 100'. 
                Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York.