Asalto Montalvo

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Asalto Montalvo is an interactive projection made for Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, CA, which followed methods of video installation and public intervention. Its aim was to symbolically release the audience's fantasies of overcoming obstacles imposed in our lives. A staged interaction took place between a “stormed” site and collected imagery of a virtual public involving individuals as spectators and participants at the same time.

The video display content was the result of a public-participation performance, a signature method of the artist. Community members were asked to perform and crawl over a green-screen surface and encouraged to be creative while being captured by Canogar’s over-head video camera. It evolved into a spontaneous and uninhibitedly playful interactive process that resulted in a dynamic video animation featuring the local Saratoga community in both realistic and abstract forms.

Asalto is born from a desire by the artist to have viewers project themselves, literally and metaphorically, onto their immediate environments.

                Medium: Proyector, 3 computers, Croma equipment.
                Dimensions: variable. 
                Location: Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, California.

Video credit: Daniel Canogar