Asalto Conde Duque

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Asalto Conde Duque plays with the audience's collective imagination inviting them to virtually assault the monument. The relentless procession of bodies climbing the building metaphorically evokes historical revolutionary actions such as the Storming of the Bastille or the Winter Palace, or more recently, African migrants climbing the border's fence in Melilla to enter Europe.

The video content is the result of a video recording in which participants where invited to crawl on a green screen platform while their actions were being filmed by an overhead camera. The work is born from Canogar’s desire that participants have visibility in the public space. Citizens too often become mere spectators of their environment; it is essential to give them a platform to allow them to project themselves, literally and metaphorically, onto their city.


Public video installation. 
Dimensions: variable.
Location: Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid, España.