Asalto / Caudal

Video Photo Info
Caudal/Asalto is a two-fold artistic intervention in a collector’s home in Madrid which is the result of a collaboration with its inhabitants. The models used for the video animations are the collectors themselves, as well as their children, extended family and close friends. The result is a dynamic family portrait that literally and metaphorically runs through the house, both inside and out.
In the guest bathroom, an overhead projector casts figures onto the sink. The figures playfully crawl along the porcelain’s surface and eventually flow down the drain. The same figures reappear in the garden, climbing a wall adjacent to the pool so as to create a sense of bodies emerging from the depths of the water. From the private experience in the bathroom, to the multiple vantage points of the public garden projection, the work emphasizes how the life of a building is not in its visible structures, but in the activities of those that inhabit it.

                Medio: 2 projectors, multimedia players, USB's, video projection loop.
                        Caudal: 65 cm x 47 cm/ 25,59" x 18,50". 
                        Asalto: 5 x 4 m/ 16,40' x 13,12'. 

Photo Credit: Daniel Canogar