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Shimmer is a sculptural generative artwork installed in the lobby of the GEMÜ Production and Logistics Center in Kupferzell, Germany. The artwork conceptually connects GEMÜ's technical activities with the dynamic essence of a river. The animation showcased on the screen responds to real-time data associated with six key rivers coursing through Germany, including notable ones such as the Rhine, the Elbe, the Danube, the Ems, the Weser and the Oder. 
Real-time data feeds provide insights into water flow, pH levels, oxygen levels and temperature of the rivers. These continuously updated datapoints influence the animation's speed and vibrant color palette. They also stimulate varied rhythms and patterns in the ever-evolving display.
Shimmer captures the significance of data as a lifeline in contemporary societies, drawing parallels to how rivers historically nurtured human populations along their banks. It also underscores the role of data in assessing the environmental impact of human activities, facilitating a recalibration of our relationship with natural resources. Through Shimmer, the convergence of industrial, digital, and natural streams encourages us to envision technology not as a destructive force but as a fundamental tool for comprehending and preserving our nurturing ecosystems.
Flexible LED screen, computer, generative custom software, real-time data, metal structure