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Intervalos is an installation created specifically on the occasion of the centennial of Telefónica, a company that has greatly marked the telecommunications sector in the last century. The artist was invited to visit the storage area where the company's obsolete technological material is kept, resulting in a fascinating tour of the origins of our digitally interconnected society. Finally, Canogar decided to recover a distribution frame and its wiring system, pieces that were being dismantled in the Pacífico neighborhood in Madrid, and that had served the entire southern area of the city. This power plant was once bursting with incoming and outgoing calls, but with the rise of mobile telephony and the progressive disuse of landlines, it was destined for the technological graveyard. 

In Intervalos, the metal structures of the old distribution frame have been reassembled by the artist, who has inserted several video projectors between its shelves. Light impulses from the projection travel through chaotic knots of telephone cable, an effect reminiscent of the conversations and information that once ran through this wiring, while suggesting synaptic firing and the global Internet network. In this piece, the fleeting life current of a telephone signal serves as a metaphor for technological mortality, a relic in the Information Age, reminding us of our own fragility. The piece is inserted in the series of artistic installations that Daniel Canogar has developed as a means to reanimate the inanimate, offering a collective portrait of the possible meanings hidden in discarded electronic materials.
Metal structure, Electric cables, 8 projectors, 8 multimedia players, video