Amalgama Spanish Gallery

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As part of the Lumiere Festival, Daniel Canogar created a generative animation projected on the façade of the Spanish Gallery in Bishop Auckland. Amalgama Spanish Gallery was created with the Museum’s Spanish Golden Age painting collection. The projection took place during three evenings of November 2023 in Durham. 
The Museum’s collection was transformed by an algorithm that liquefied the original paintings into a mercurial blend. Amalgama Spanish Gallery is an attempt to understand how digital media is transforming our experience of the history of art, perhaps updating Malraux’s Musée Imaginaire to the digital age. The swirling effects that have transformed the original artworks evoke the ceaseless flow of information that courses through the Internet, transforming how artworks are consumed, processed, and circulated online. Amalgama Spanish Gallery above all addresses the challenge of making, viewing, and circulating art in our liquid modernity.